2020 Overfinch Supersport SUV Took Five Decades to Happen

It’s been 50 years since Overfinch has been putting together custom Land and Range Rovers. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two, and all that accumulated wisdom is on full display in their 2020 Overfinch Supersport SUV.

front supersport suv

The Overfinch Supersport SUV starts out as a Range Rover Sport SVR. Overfinch then starts with increasing performance by adding in an in-house designed titanium exhaust and a carbon fibre intake. That change boosts the supercharged 5.0-litre V8’s horsepower up from the original 518 to a mean 575.

2020 Overfinch SuperSport SUV

Overfinch also adds on 22-inch forged Legerro wheels, available in two designs. The hood is dressed up with a herringbone weave carbon fibre; the same look is used for the exterior trim, including the side sills, side vents, the grille, and the bumpers and spoiler. Brembo provides the brakes. For the inside, Overfinch went with seats with a carbon fibre back and quilted leather seating. And that’s just the start of the list of possible customisation options.

back overfinch suv

With such a long list of possibilities, Overfinch assures its buyers that of the 25 Supersports they will be building, no two will be the same. Of course, it’s not surprising that none will be alike. With half a century of experience, Overfinch has learned more than enough to make every project unique.

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overfinch wheel viewoverfinch back compartment opening