2020 Toyota Corolla Introduces Welcome Changes True to Form

With a proven and well-earned reputation for reliability, efficiency, and affordability, the Toyota Corolla could have easily sat on its laurels and continued to be a top choice. But that’s not what Toyota has done with the 2020 model. Don’t take that the wrong way—there’s nothing about this new model that would indicate that the Corolla will not have the same reliable, efficient, and affordable qualities that it has been known for. Toyota has, however, improved several aspects of the car.

Toyota Corolla 2020

For starters, Toyota is adding in their new global architecture, which greatly improves the underpinnings of the car. This new architecture increases the rigidity and puts in a new, more sophisticated multilink setup for the rear suspension. The result is that the Corolla is more comfortable and easier to handle. In addition to engine options, you can also choose between an automatic or the six-speed manual transmission.

steering wheel Toyota Corolla

The engine options come in either the form of a 1.8L inline-four with 139 horsepower, or a 2.0L inline four with 169 horsepower. If more oomph isn’t enough incentive to go for the bigger engine, then you might want to look at the better EPA fuel-economy rating that the 2.0L engine has. Better yet, hold on for the hybrid model, which uses a 121 horsepower Atkinson-cycle 1.8L inline four paired with two electric motors, giving the hybrid a 52 mile per gallon capability.

back view Toyota Corolla

The new Corolla stays true to its roots, but also improves on the past.

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