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A Honda Civic Sold for $105,000 and We Have No Idea What’s Going On

No longer a secret to those in the know, the car market is going absolutely bonkers with limited edition “last of their kind” vehicles selling for ridiculous money. Economically inclined enthusiasts have been flipping their way to dream cars for years, but with the release of limited edition halo cars being all the more common, now it’s the new car buyers turn to flip their ‘depreciating asset’ into cold hard cash. Only last week did we cover the unbelievable price hike of the Nissan R35 GTR ‘T-Spec’ and now, we’ve found a $105,000 Honda Civic.

Wondering what other crazy sh!tboxes are now fetching thousands? Check it out.

Prices for second-hand vehicles are through the roof generally, but when you look at enthusiast motors that are both rare and heritage laden, it’s a recipe for serious money. While vehicles such as Nissan Skylines, Mazda Rotarys, and Toyota Landcruisers have been demanding premiums since the pandemic hit, even new vehicles are asking serious money on the second-hand market if spec’d accordingly. We spoke to CarExpert.com.au founder Alborz Fallah in late 2020 about the rise of car prices Downunder and he echoed a similar tone.

“There is a sense that they are never going to make cars like this anymore, and that is certainly the case… This is the beginning of a new era of very hard emission regulations and impending electrification of cars. These icons are going to have a lot of appeal. People will always want to relive those memories as well, and just like the Australian classics, foreign classics like vintage Skylines and older Japanese cars are becoming harder to find and as result prices are going through the roof,” he said.

Enter the $105,000 Honda Civic.

2021 honda civic type r limited edition side profile

Image: Collecting Cars

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition – Price Guide

It has to be said that this isn’t your everyday run of the mill Honda Civic, the Civic Type R Limited Edition, is often described as the “purest expression of Civic Type R to date.” With its manual gearbox, turbocharged 2.0-litre “V-Tec Yo” under the hood and an utter desire to put a smile on your face every time you drive it, we couldn’t ask for a better hot hatch to be seated in given a few twisties. As you’d expect given its price and big bird colour scheme, this one comes with a few extras over the standard Civic Type R, including;

  • 1 of 1020 global, 1 of 20 in Australia.
  • Sunlight Yellow II paint finish, gloss black painted roof, mirror caps and bonnet intake vent.
  • Lightweight 20-inch BBS alloy wheels.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.
  • Changes to dampers and steering.
  • Stripped out sound-deadening in the roof, tailgate, dashboard and front bumper.
  • 228kW and 400Nm the same as normal Type R.
  • Price: National drive-away price of $70,000.

To even get your hands on the car from new Honda had to raffle off the opportunity to buy the car, just like a sneaker!

So, we’ll ask you, does the $35,000 AUD price hike seems a little steep given it’s mostly a special paint colour with a few things removed for added effect? If the car market stays on pace to continually build and build until everything interesting with a petrol motor and manual transmission is too expensive to enjoy, we’d guess this is a sound investment. At the very least you’ll get a few thumbs up from some dudes wearing flat caps and vapes.

Such a cool car. For more like this and to pick yourself up a rare beauty, check out collectingcars.com below.

Check it out

Side angle with rear wheels

Image: Collecting Cars


Image: Collecting Cars

Fog lights

Image: Collecting Cars

Hood vent

Image: Collecting Cars


Image: Collecting Cars

Engine bay

Image: Collecting Cars

Intake manifold

Image: Collecting Cars

Interior dashboard

Image: Collecting Cars

Red seats

Image: Collecting Cars

Back of seats

Image: Collecting Cars

Manual peddle box

Image: Collecting Cars

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