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2022 HR-V Hybrid is a Less Eccentric Sibling of the Honda e

The 2022 HR-V is Honda‘s bet for the posh crossover segment and it has launched standard petrol and hybrid versions albeit with less power than before. The previous HR-V was a sporty compact SUV with a zesty 1.8-litre petrol powertrain but all that has been consigned to the history books now with the new generation model coming in. Environmental consciousness is now very much a part of the carmaker’s agenda with a smaller 1.5l petrol engine paired with two electric motors. However, Honda will also sell you the HR-V without the hybrid powertrain as well. That said, we’d wager the hybrid HR-V to be the more desirable option with its frugal 4.3L/100km fuel consumption and added power.

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130 bhp isn’t going to set a drag strip on fire but the hybrid powertrain has been tuned to cope with the daily grind with electric motors chiming in for the lack of torque from the petrol engine. Despite the fact that the HR-V is now 4335 millimetres long, the new generation model weighs less than its predecessor and that augurs well for a better ride/handling set-up and keen dynamics.

Thanks to changing the positioning of the hybrid components, the space inside has been increased by Honda with the rear seats being pushed further back. Rather curiously, the new HR-V only has two rear seats and omits the centre seat, making it a strict four-seater. The cabin though is a vast improvement with being less plasticky and having an uncluttered lay-out along with a sporty looking steering wheel.

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Prices start at $36,700 while you’d be paying $45,000 for the e:HEV L hybrid. So, should you? Well, it has more kit on offer than the previous HR-V with standard LED lights, 9-inch touchscreen, an ‘acoustic windscreen’, autonomous features, a 6-speaker audio system and more. Hence, while the new HR-V is slower, more expensive and is less practical than its predecessor, it’s vastly more frugal and looks more grown-up now. Compared to the wildly expensive but radical Honda e, the HR-V is a less eccentric offering that will appeal to a wider audience.

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