6 Things to Expect out of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018

Every summer the tranquil grounds surrounding Goodwood Manor in West Sussex are transformed into Mad Max’s wet dream. Welcome, to the aptly named Goodwood Festival of Speed. Also known as the most glamorous motorsport garden party in the world. Since Lord March first dreamed up the hill climb event in 1993, the event has grown to become the annual pilgrimage for individuals and manufacturers alike to showcase some of the rarest and most beautiful cars in the world. In its 25th anniversary, the Festival of Speed is no different. With announcements and displays from some of the most prestigious and renowned car manufacturers, Goodwood Manor will be the host of the whose who in the motorsports world. Now, without further ado here is our list of the top 6 announcements for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2018.

rolls royce car

Rolls Royce: The Year of Bespoke

Just up the road from Goodwood Manor, Rolls Royce continues to produce some of the finest and most luxurious cars in the world. Rolls Royce dubbed 2017 as the Year of Bespoke, emphasizing the collaboration between the client and the company in the production of each car. 2018 is destined to be no different. Rolls Royce’s flagship of customization, the ‘Sweptail’ will be on full display this weekend. An array of unique Rolls Royce Phantom’s will also be there showcasing their innovative “Art Gallery” dashboard.

aston martin super gt dbs superleggera

Aston Martin’s Super GT – DBS Superleggera

This year sees the reveal of the much anticipated Aston Martin flagship Super GT. Boasting a new twin-turbo V12, the DBS Superleggera will be seen in full flight as it attempts the historic 1.16-mile hill-climb. For those wanting a closer look at the state-of-art muscular carbon fiber body kit, you can see the DBS up close at the garden party. Aston Martin has also promised the ‘dynamic debut’ of the V12 Vantage V600 and Rapide AMR limited-edition models accompanied by the full fleet of the DB11 family. For more detail on the DBS Superleggera check out our standalone article on it’s release.

maclaren set reveal the p1 longtail alongside 600lt

MacLaren Set to Reveal the P1 ‘Longtail’ Alongside the New 600LT

Despite only the confirmed display of the McLaren Senna, and it’s angrier older brother the Senna GTR, it is anticipated that MacLaren will also release a refined P1 ‘Longtail’ teased earlier this year. This would join the 600LT that will no doubt be on full display this weekend as well.

autonomous cars attempt the historic hill climb

Autonomous Cars Attempt the Historic Hill-Climb

With driverless cars already on the roads, it’s a natural step to see autonomous cars making an appearance on the motorsports’ stage. This year’s Festival of Speed will see two manufacturers of autonomous cars attempting the hill-climb. The Roborace Robocar will attempt the stretch first. Tipped as the pioneer of the upcoming driverless racing scene, the Robocar is likely to have the edge on its opposing autonomous machine out of Siemens.

bentley bentayga out for another record

Bentley Bentayga Out For Another Record

Hot off the heels of a win at the Pikes Peak Hill-Climb in Colorado, the Bentley Bentayga is set to take the record for the fastest production SUV to climb the 1.16 mile stretch of hill at Goodwood Manor. Bentley is also set for a debut of the revamped Continental GT alongside the GT3 race-car.

a new bmw i8 roadster and series 8

A New BMW i8 Roadster & Series 8

With it’s first UK appearance the BMW is set to showcase the new BMW Series 8 Coupé this weekend at the Festival of Speed. The Series 8 is set to take on the historic hill climb alongside a new BMW i8 Roadster. With recent success at the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours, BMW is pulling no punches this year to celebrate. Keep an eye out for the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupé.

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