A Dyson Electric Car Will be Manufactured in Singapore

If you’ve ever had your hands blasted dry in an airport bathroom and thought, “this is so fantastic I wish the same people made cars”, your dreams are on the brink of becoming reality. Dyson has announced a new plant for making electric cars, to be built in Singapore and completed by 2020.

The Singapore plant follows the company’s new vehicle-testing facility at Hullavington Airfield in Wiltshire. The location was chosen because of Dyson’s existing presence in Singapore: the digital motors for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers are designed and manufactured at a plant in the city’s Tuas area, employing 1100 people.

dyson electric car side view

Dyson has been developing its electric car project – with three models planned – for three years, using solid state battery technology. Four hundred employees are on the project currently, with another 300 set to join as operations at Hullavington kick off.

Dyson CEO wrote to employees, saying, “Singapore also offers access to high-growth markets as well as an extensive supply chain and a highly skilled workforce.” It’s unknown whether the employees have written back yet, but they’re doubtless excited by the new age they’re moving into.

dyson electric car wheels

As are we all. Anyone who’s used a Dyson dryer or vacuum knows they leave everyone else in the dust – often literally – and if they bring the same innovation to the automotive industry, they could be dominating our roads in just a few years.