AEV Conversions Recruit Dares You to Go Anywhere

Ram’s logo for years was “Built Ram Tough.” That logo obviously came out before the release of AEV Conversions’ Recruit. The recruit takes that Ram tough pickup and injects it with pure manliness and sheer willpower.

The customization starts with a front bumper made from 4mm-thick stamped steel and features heavy-duty aluminum tow loops. You can add on a 10,000 lb Warn Zeon 10-S winch. The hood has been converted to a heat reduction hood with an HD front end conversion. The unique vented design funnels cool air into the engine, circulating it through in both static and dynamic conditions. This added feature allows for better performance when towing or off-roading.

mountain view aev conversion vehicle

Going anywhere requires the right tread, and the Mesa Wheels added to the Recruit are more than adequate. The 18 x 8.5-inch vehicle-specific design has a protection ring for extra wheel protection in rough conditions and optimal balance for tire clearance, scrub radius, and handling. With DualSport suspension, you’re going to need those tires. This system couples with Ram’s Independent Front Suspension. Together, they make Recruit comfortable on pavement or clearing backroad obstacles. AEV also included their Pro-Cal Module—a plug in that recalibrates performance factors that have been affected by larger wheels and tires, including the speedometer control, tire pressure monitoring, and axle gear ratio changes.

AEV has come out with a conversion that takes an already tough truck and makes it a go-anywhere behemoth.

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