Alfa Romeo’s 1959 Giulietta T.I. Berlina Was a Racing Sedan

Alfa Romeo’s Giuletta family of cars included a 2+2 coupe, a four-door saloon, an estate, a spider, a Sprint, and a Sprint Speciale. The whole lineup produced for 11 years, from 1954 to 1965. The baby of the family, a four-door Berlina, was introduced after the Sprint Coupe and the Spider.

alfa romeo side view car

Starting in 1957, the Berlina was offered as a T.I. (Turismo Internazionale), and soon became a popular car among European drivers looking for a practical car that had sporting capabilities. It didn’t take long for the Berlina T.I. to start showing up in European rallies like the Coupes des Alpes and the Rallye Monte Carlo. Outfitted with a dual overhead cam, four-cylinder 1290cc engine, the T.I. was tuned to hit nearly 100 miles per hour.

alfa romeo front view

A prime example of the Berlina is being offered by R.M. Sotheby. With just over 35,000 original kilometres, this Giuletta has seen use, but not enough to run it into the ground. It comes with the original 56529 CN license plate. In 2002, Martin Swig, formerly of California, purchased the car in a deal brokered by former Ferrari and Maserati Works racing driver Gino Munaron.

alfa romeo wheel

Swig kept the car in his collection for the past 17 years. Many of the original details are still intact on this car. The interior still features the original factory plaid upholstery. The T.I.-specific tachometer is still in the dash. The car still sports 15-inch Fergat wheels. True to early series Berlinas, this example has the small Carello taillights.

The bianco spino paint and brightwork are both believed to be original finishes.

alfa romeo back view

You’re unlikely to find another Giuletta T.I. Berlina in such pristine shape anywhere else in the U.S. Whichever collector picks this beauty up will be adding a gem to his collection.

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alfa romeo steering wheel and dashboard

alfa romeo engine

alfa romeo back rear view of the car