Amazon Alexa is behind the Wheel of Lamborghini

You can add Lamborghini to your list of Amazon Alexa enabled devices. At CES 2020, the hypercar manufacturer announced that the Huracan EVo would support Alexa integration, allowing drivers to use Alexa’s voice commands to do such things as make calls or connect to smart home devices. Alexa would also be able to control many of the car’s features, and that’s the direction Lamborghini appears to be headed. “In the future it will be possible to have a much deeper integration into the driving modes of the car,” reports Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s chief technical officer. “It will be possible to ask the car to do something really specific. This allows the driver to be concentrated, looking forward, two hands on the steering wheel and ask the car what you want.” Those actions could include everything from ambience control to opening the trunk to making a phone call.

Lambogihini front view vehicle

Lamborghini is starting out this integration with the Huracan, but they’re also planning on the next generation Aventador to be even more integrated. “The new Aventador must be born with the best Alexa integration possible,” says Reggiani. As the Aventador will be a hybrid, Reggiani envisions being able to ask Alexa for an e-boost, which better shapes your driving experience. “I want to have the most safe driving experience in a super sports car,” explains Reggiani. “You cannot take off attention from the steering in order to decrease the temperature.” Instead, having Alexa do it for you will keep you focused on driving. Additionally, updates are already being planned—updates that would allow you to control nearly every feature of the car, like raising the front end before going up an incline or lowering the convertible top, or opening the trunk—all through over the air updates.

Lamborghini isn’t the only manufacturer to have announced Alexa integration. EV startup Rivian also announced its plans with the voice assistant. That being said, having this as a feature in a Lamborghini has to be a huge feather in Amazon’s cap.

Lambogihini dashboard and steering wheel with amazon alexa

Lambogihini with Amazon Alexa Integration