Racing Rarity to Reach Five Million: The 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212

While it’s easy to lust over modern models from Italian supercar juggernaut Ferrari’s showroom, some of the most incredible productions the company has ever had are the rare gems that have to be searched for, found in collections, old books, the depths of the internet and the minds of the obsessed. One such beast is this 166 MM/212 from 1950. Though the marque may now be famed for low-slung, angular beasts that scream when the foot goes down, here is an example of one of their more elegant rides, with rounded lines and curves for days.

 ferrari 166 mm 212 car side

When it comes to very specific models of Ferrari, the value of the vehicles moves to the next level one-of-a-kind pieces of art like this go for millions. Built in the late 40’s for one of the infamous Marzotto Brothers, four wealthy car racers who kept Ferrari afloat and brought their vehicles fame due to their success on the race track, this car was created specifically for brother Giannino and was said to be the most significant of their ‘collezione’ of twenty plus Ferraris. It was, however sidelined from racing initially due to clutch problems, which is probably why it’s presented here in such good nick today.

front side of ferrari 166 mm 212 car

The clutch was eventually repaired by the engineers at Ferrari and the 166 MM/212 would go on to become considered one of the finest custom Ferraris ever built. Up for sale for the first time in 35 years, it’s set to fetch over five million dollars.

Check it out

bumpers of ferrari 166 mm 212 car

engine of ferrari 166 mm 212 car

 ferrari 166 mm 212 car headlights

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