Ariel Hipercar is the Stuff Sports Car Dreams Are Made Of

Ariel Hipercar is the Stuff Sports Car Dreams Are Made Of
October 13, 2017 Jacob Osborn

Ariel Hipercar is the Stuff Sports Car Dreams Are Made Of

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British automaker Ariel commonly takes a bare bones approach to high speed performance. That is, their track-born racers typically flaunt skeletal, roll-cage style designs while stamping big exclamation points on speed, power and durability. Now the brand has announced Project Hipercar, which builds on those metrics and throws (conceptual) Batman-worthy bodywork into the process. Allegedly capable of going 0-60 in 2.4 seconds by way of whopping 1,180 horsepower, the Ariel Hipercar is so swift and light that if you blink you might miss it.

The “Hiper” in Hipercar stands for “High Performance Carbon Reduction” and is a temporary moniker while Ariel whips up something catchy. Of course, if Ariel delivers on the previewed specs, they can name this thing the Losermobile and still sell it out overnight. Available as a 4 wheel drive or less intense 2 wheel rear drive, the Series Hybrid EV uses a 750 Volt 56-kWh or 42-kWh lithium-ion battery pack to power either two or four 295 hp, 332 lb-ft electric motors. When the car runs out of battery power, a gas turbine engine kicks in as a built-in range extender. The inboard motors are directly connected to the wheels via step-down gearboxes.

For the chassis and frame, aluminium construction abounds, offering full rollover protection and a light body. Pair that with the ridiculous amounts of speed and power and you’d think the Hipercar is being made purely for the track. However, Ariel wants their electric supercar to be just as ready for the nearest road. But is the nearest road ready for such a fast and formidable electric sports car? We’ll have to wait until 2020 to find out.

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