Aston Martin Begins Testing its SUV Prototype DBX

Aston Martin has officially confirmed that its first SUV is named DBX and the British motor company is currently putting the prototype through its paces along the Welsh rally stage.

This ‘real world’ testing subjects the DBX to a punishing regime tackling some of the world’s harshest environments. Locations are expected to include the Arctic, deserts of the Middle East and the high-speed demands of the German autobahnen and Nürburgring Nordschleife.

As DBX is Aston Martin’s first foray into the SUV market, a dedicated test program was developed; One that features new processes, procedures and standards that reflect its all-purpose role. Aston Martin aims to push the “dynamic envelope” with its SUV, particularly in regards to multi-terrain and towing capabilities. Aston Martin has not elaborated on what this could mean.

aston martin suv prototype side view

The man who’s testing the new vehicle is Aston Martin’s Chief Engineer, Matt Becker. Speaking of his drive, Becker said: “It’s always a big day when you get to put the first actual miles on an early prototype, and I’m delighted with the near perfect correlation between the simulator and this prototype.”

“DBX is a very different kind of Aston Martin, but we will be testing it in all conditions and across all terrains to ensure it delivers a driving experience worthy of the wings badge.”

We’ll have to wait a while to see the vehicle in action. DBX won’t be unveiled until the last quarter of 2019. We’ll keep you updated of any developments.

In other Aston Martin news, here’s a teaser for the upcoming hypercar project. Also, Bond fans will be pleased to know the iconic Goldfinger DB5 is making a comeback with working gadgets.

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aston martin dbx suv in the mud

aston martin dbx suv aerial view

aston martin dbx suv superior car

aston martin dbx suv front side

aston martin dbx suv headlights