Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE Soapbox Racer Takes Second Place in Red Bull’s Race

Aston Martin Racing just unveiled its newest racing car—a soapbox racing replica of the automaker’s V8 Vantage GTE. The GTE is an endurance racing car that won this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans.

The soapbox version of the GTE has the same name as its sibling. It competed in the international Red Bull Soapbox Race in July at Alexandra Palace in London. The event showcases a variety of hand-made soapbox cars that are powered by nothing more than sheer gravity. The vehicles can be quite strange and have included everything from replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge to a huge corn on the cob.

Because it is a traditional soapbox racer, this replica does not have an engine. It relied only on the laws of physics to guide it towards the finish line.

Soapbox racing can be quite dangerous. Therefore, none of Aston Martin’s professional drivers were behind the wheel of this tiny car. Rather, engineer of Aston Martin’s Prototype Operations division, Alex Summers, volunteered to drive the miniature V8 Vantage GTE as he thought it looked like the most amazing event ever. However, Le Mans winners Jonny Adam and Darren Turner weren’t completely absent from Red Bull’s Soapbox challenge. They were part of the points-scoring show at the top of the course. This helped give the Vantage soapbox racer a strong start in the race. The tiny soapbox racer had a solid performance in the race, claiming second place overall thanks to its great design and brave pilot, Alex Summers.

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