Audi’s AI:Trail Quattro Concept Uses Drones for Headlights

Looking like it just got back from a successful mission to Mars, the Audi AI:Trail Quattro concept is being proposed as the automaker’s next step in all-electric vehicles.

Audi AITRAIL quattro park in garage

The AI:Trail Quattro uses four electric motors combined with permanent Quattro all-wheel drive to power the 13.5-foot long vehicle. Made of carbon, aluminum, and steel, the vehicle is lightweight and sports 33.5-inch wheels. With an advanced suspension and 13.4 inches of ground clearance, the AI:Trail can traverse just about any terrain, including 1.6 feet of standing water. The passenger pod is almost entirely made of glass, allowing for excellent views from any angle. In the front are two shell seats with four-point harnesses while the back seats are more hammock like, being made of tube frames and fabric.

Audi AITRAIL quattro steering wheel and dashboard

The steering wheel, should you need it, is a yoke-style and is the most prominent part of the dashboard, which doesn’t have a gauge cluster at all. Instead, the dash features a phone holder to put your phone in view while using the car’s app-based digital cluster. The gauge cluster isn’t the only thing to be one away with. The concept also lacks traditional headlights. Instead, it features what the carmaker is calling “Audi Light Pathfinders.” These pathfinders are “five rootless, triangular, electrically operated drones with integrated matrix LED elements.” On those dark night rides, the drones will launch and light the way.

Audi AITRAIL quattro car seat

According to Audi, the AI:Trail’s lithium-ion battery pack has a 250 to 310 mile range. Beware, however, that overlanding will drop that range to 155 miles. The concept has a modest 81 miles per hour top speed, but it does have 740 lb-ft of torque to get you over rough terrain.

The likelihood of such a car making it to production seems pretty slim, but even if the whole car doesn’t, many of the ideas found in the concept might. With Audi pushing hard to go autonomous and green, you can expect to see plenty of new ideas making their way onto the market.

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Audi AITRAIL quattro steering wheel and dashboard

Audi AITRAIL quattro side door open

Audi AITRAIL quattro top view

Audi AITRAIL quattro electric vehicle