This Back to the Future VW Bus Is Your Destiny

On November 5, 1955, Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown slipped in his bathroom while standing on the toilet to hang a clock and hit his head on the bathroom sink. When he came to, a vision of the flux capacitor—the mechanism that makes time travel possible—came to his mind. Decades later, he equipped a Delorean with the flux capacitor, setting off a series of adventures.

 vw bus side view

That iconic time machine is a piece of film history now, but who can forget the gull-wing doors; the control panel that tells you where you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been; the grey and black color scheme; and, later, the update installation of Mr. Fusion. The choice of a Delorean, however, left things a little cramped. Velocity Motorcars out of Nashville, Tennessee, has solved that problem.

 vw bus seats and steering

Taking a 1967 Volkswagen Bus, Velocity updated the classic design with custom paint job reminiscent of Doc’s Delorean, with grey exterior and white, yellow, and orange interior. The time control panel was installed in the dash and features the 80’s style digital read out. No time machine would be complete without a flux capacitor, and this bus is no exception. The back also comes equipped with a widescreen TV in the back where passengers can watch movies seated comfortably on the bench seats. Never fear, the obligatory gull-wing doors are also there.

Check it out

 vw bus front side logo

 vw bus steering

interior vw bus

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