Back Up the Brinks Truck for this Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Money talks, and so does this new car from Pagani. Pagani’s newest Zonda HP Barchetta model is being billed as the most expensive car in the world, with an estimated price tag of $17.5 million.

pagani zonda front view car

While as a consumer facing model, the Zonda may no longer be in production, there are still a few special editions bouncing around the corners of the market. Of all of them, the most coveted is the HP Barchetta, which according to Top Gear, is now the most expensive car in the world. The one most recently seen, belongs to Horacio Pagani himself, but two other editions are in production and have already been promised to buyers.

top view pagani car

The Zonda HP Barcheta flaunts an impressive 7.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that churns 789 horsepower, while sporting a classic six-speed manual gearbox. These impressive inner-workings are set atop offset (20in in the front, 21in in the back) forged aluminum and carbon-fiber wheels, truly grounding the chassis on a solid foundation and adding a bit of grit to the sleek and sexy body. The most fun design tweak Pagani has included is a wild roof scoop, even though the Barchetta does not have a roof itself.

full view pagani car

It’s these little oddities that demonstrate the level detail put into creating this vehicle, that make it so impressive. When you have a vehicle that garners this much attention, everything has to be fine-tuned and working to perfection.

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