Beautiful Blast from the Past – 1967 Shelby GT500

Do you ever look at a machine or a piece of technology and think, “Well I’ll be damned…” That’s the reaction this 1967 Shelby GT500 has on me. Like a perfect 10 walking into a bar, at first sight, the Shelby has onlookers’ full attention.

If you’ve been waiting for someone to bring back the classic model, Revology has done just that. No longer do you need to wipe out all the beautiful innards of a classic and refill the chassis, Revology has found a way around that.

shelby gt500 side

Self-defined as: The use of modern technology to make classic vehicles better, Revology integrates modern componentry into beautiful cars of the past, to enhance their performance, security, reliability, and comfort. All while improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Revology places the utmost importance upon preserving classics’ intrinsic style and character.

The GT500 comes with a new Ford-licensed steel body, upper and lower side scoops, the classic Shelby fiberglass hood, dual chrome outside mirrors, a high performance dual exhaust system, and most importantly meticulously detailed decals and badges to perfectly reflect the original look and feel.

For a complete list of specs and to catch a glimpse for yourself, check out Revology’s site, included in the link below.

Check it out

shelby gt500 back and side

shelby gt500 back

shelby gt500 engine

shelby gt500 steering

shelby gt500 meters

 indicator shelby gt500

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