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Bentley Fast Tracks $4.7 Billion Electric Future with 5 EVs Imminent

While there’s only a handful of manufacturers yet to announce their future electric strategy, many are bringing their plans forward as dealerships struggle to keep stock on the floor thanks to strong buyer courage with little hesitancy for ‘early adoption’. Today, Bentley Motors announced their plans with a forward-thinking Beyond100 strategy that commits Bentley to launch a new electric model each year, from 2025.

The luxury electric sector has been one of the slowest movers yet, but with early hesitancy from customers no longer outweighing the obvious benefits, Bentley has jumped forward their EV plan, revealing a £2.5 billion (AUD$4.76 billion) sustainable investment. The plan confirms the first Bentley Electric vehicle will be designed, developed and produced at its headquarters in Crewe, England, from 2025. In doing so, the factory will also become a ‘Dream Factory’ encompassing a digital, zero environmental impact, flexible and high-value manufacturing facility plant. This adds to the industry-leading carbon-neutral certifications the facility already owns.

“This latest announcement regarding Bentley’s Beyond100 plan confirms the initiation of a major transformative phase in the company’s long and illustrious history. The world is changing and we need to play our part in neutralising our environmental impact. That means delivering on our aim to be end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030, and reaffirming our role as the leader in sustainable luxury mobility,” said Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors in a statement.

Customer demands are driving manufacturers to release hybrid (PHEV) and battery-electric vehicles at rates we’ve never seen. Even luxury manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand for vehicles and Bentley looks to cement itself in the sector and build on the success of the Bentayga PHEV with the release of the Flying Spur PHEV in 2022. Bentley anticipates more than 20 per cent of sales this year will come from their hybrid cars. Check out the images below for a sneak-peek inside their state of the art manufacturing plant.

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Bentley new carbon neutral plant england

Image: Bentley Motors

Bentley new carbon neutral plant england 2

Image: Bentley Motors

Bentley beyond 100 event

Image: Bentley Motors

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