The Bentley GT3 Edition Continental Brings Luxury Touring Back

Bentley has always been known for style and luxury. The GT3 Edition Continental delivers on this tradition with many options that make this car almost completely customizable. But it’s the performance that will really attract your eye.

The new Continental’s chassis and electrical architecture purport to be innovative. Whether that’s true or not may not really matter when you consider the numbers. The Continental sports a 6.0 liter W12 engine and an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. Need some clarification of what that means? Aside from smoother, faster, and more efficient gear changes, the Continental can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in 3.6 seconds and tops out at 207 miles per hour.

bentley gt3 edition luxury car top

All that power doesn’t require you to sacrifice efficiency. The Continental employs both high-pressure direct injection and port injection. The engine can switch between the two, depending on the needs of the situation. In addition to meeting changing power needs, the Continental can also change the car’s movement and handling with its 48V Active Roll Control. The real efficiency comes in with the vehicles variable displacement technology. When the throttle is only partially open, the Continental can disengage one bank of cylinders, cutting back on fuel consumption. Open the throttle up, and all 12 will kick in.

The interior is stunning as well. One notable feature is the Bentley Rotating Display, which gives the driver three fascia panel options: a 12.3” high-resolution touch screen, a classic instrument panel, and a veneer face.

Check it out

side view bentley gt3 edition luxury car

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