Bentley Rides the Electric Wave With Bentayga Hybrid

Bentley Rides the Electric Wave With Bentayga Hybrid
March 7, 2018 Jacob Osborn

Bentley Rides the Electric Wave With Bentayga Hybrid

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After three years in development, premier automaker Bentley is finally ready to introduce its first hybrid vehicle, and what a vehicle it is. Unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow was the new Bentayga Hybrid. Building upon the Bentayga’s already formidable reputation, Bentley claims the new model is the world’s first luxury hybrid. Whether or not that’s actually true is probably for all the premium brands to hash out, but Bentley sure got the luxury part right.

Knowing its best not to mess with a great thing, Bentley didn’t change the design of its popular luxury SUV. Instead, the brand kept most of the action under the skin, complimenting the 3.0L V6 engine with a premium electric motor that’s good for about 31 miles of gas-free driving at a time. Proving there’s no detail that can’t use a touch of genius, Bentley had Philippe Starck himself design the charging station.

Details are currently scarce, but early reports indicate that the Bentayga Hybrid will come equipped with GPS positioning, which will help determine optimal times to switch to hybrid mode. Also featured inside the elegant SUV is an 8″ touchscreen and 10.2″ removable, WiFi-ready Android tablet. It’s certainly a step in the right direction for the luxury brand, who will hopefully continue to ride the electric wave in the years to come, or risk being left behind.

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