Biomega Commits a Little Sin with their Concept Electric Car

Danish company Biomega has been building electric bikes and is now looking to get in on the electric vehicle party with their concept electric car named Sin. The car is meant to be used in urban settings and will cost around USD$23,000.

Biomega Electric Car steering wheel

Sin’s design is incredibly simple. You can essentially see the entire frame of the car, thanks to the plentiful use of glass, including in the snub nose. A glass panel stretches from the front over the top, creating a continuous sunroof from front to back. The sides are open, revealing space for four in seats that are made of a weave material. Even the steering wheel has been pared down to just the essentials.

All that stripping down of material means that the car is extremely lightweight, weighing only 2,090, which pays dividends, allowing for a 100-mile radius. Sin’s powertrain consists of four in-wheel electric motors. The electric car will reportedly have 82 horsepower, letting Sin jump from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 13 seconds and reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour. A pair of batteries provide the juice. The first battery, a 16 kWh module, is located in the car’s floor.

The second provides only 6 kWh, but is designed to be easily replaced with a fully charged battery.

Biomega Electric Car

Biomega is using plenty of lightweight material for this concept. Carbon fibre is prolific. While the concept lacks doors, the final version will include them, though they will most likely be transparent. Sin also features four-wheel steering.

Biomega Electric Car

“Biomega adheres to the less-is-more approach of Scandinavian design standards,” the company says in an explanation of its simple approach. “Through the resulting uncluttered interior, the car rejects superfluous styling in favour of low cost, comfort, and sustainability.” That simplicity will also drive down the cost. As noted, Sin will sell for around $23,000 when it goes to market sometime in 2023.

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