Blacktrack Motors BT-03 Revisits Harley-Davidson’s Cafe Racer

The Harley-Davidson Sportster, Cruiser, and Chopper versions are all familiar motorcycles, even for the uninitiated. Perhaps not as well known, however, is the Harley-Davidson Café Racer. That may be because café racers seem almost anathema to the typical Harley. Most Harleys appropriately earn the nick-name “Hog” because of their size and sound.

Café racers are known as lightweight, lightly powered motorcycles that have been optimized for speed and handling. Yet, despite the disparity, Harley did go through a phase from 1977 to 1979 where they produced 3,133 XLCRs, their version of the café racer.

cafe racer

Harley-Davidson’s XLCR was the inspiration for Blacktrack Motors custom BT-03 Harley-Davidson Café Racer. Sacha Lakic, Blacktrack founder and lead designer, confesses an infatuation with the XLCR, so it’s no wonder that this custom bike fits in that mould. One aspect of the build that would make Harley-Davidson proud was the inclusion of a 1,868cc engine with 155 Nm of torque.

The engine was lifted from a Softail Fat Bob 114. The frame of the bike was also original to a Softail Fat Bob, but was upgraded with custom aluminium and composite parts, including the trees, foot controls, and brackets. The suspension also received an upgrade. The wheels and brakes are forged aluminium.

front view harley davidson cafe racer

You can pick up your own BT-03 as a special order from Blacktrack. There is a one year manufacturing time, and Blacktrack will be limiting the production to only four models.

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