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Forget the Grille, the BMW iX is a Fine Luxury EV Underneath

For a carmaker that has always championed the bloke sitting behind the steering wheel over anything else, BMW is more talked about these days for its outrageous designs including that humongous grille. However, take it from us, that grille looks a lot better in the flesh rather than for keyboard warriors and self-appointed guardians of BMW’s styling department. The iX sure does divide opinion but to an extent that you nearly forget that it’s an accomplished EV over anything else.

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Image: BMW

BMW has also been late to the EV SUV battlefield but its unique i3 years ago suggested that the carmaker was more radical than its German peers. Anyways, the iX is a premium luxury SUV for those looking to go electric and we’d say it is one of the most intriguing products by them. I’ll skip the looks because any modern BMW is about polarizing design but that grille is now merely a cover for the radar or cameras. It is nothing more than a prop- similar to EVs masquerading as ‘normal’ cars.

That said, elsewhere, it’s the avalanche of complex design details that makes it stand out from the crowd. First of all, the iX is not born out of an X5 but a ground-up design which shows. The sides are cleaned up with flush door handles and minimal lines while the complex headlamps are the narrowest yet from BMW.

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Image: BMW

However, while the exteriors send the collective BMW fanbase into a tizzy, the interior is easily one of the best we have seen in terms of executing a radical design philosophy. In contrast to the stark Tesla interior, the iX is bursting with massive HD screens, sustainable materials and crystal design elements scattered all over the cabin. It also feels hugely spacious and benefits from its EV architecture with more space than an X5.

Talking about its “green credentials” the iX and the battery cells are manufactured in a sustainable way including reused plastic and natural leather. No rare earth metals are used for the electric motor production process. In terms of variants, you’ll want the iX xDrive50 which rockets from 0-100km/h in just 4.6 seconds while the range comes at 570km. There is a cheaper xDrive40 which delivers a range of 400km. Now, these are not quite Tesla beating numbers but it augurs well for being a flagship EV SUV.

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Image: BMW

At $170,000 for the fully loaded trim with the more powerful motor, the iX delivers a pleasing EV experience beneath its crazy design. For BMW, this is a surprisingly radical attempt with its interior or performance eclipsing other luxury EVs bar the bonkers Tesla Model X. However, for now, this is one of the more convincing luxury EVs from Germany aside from the Mercedes EQS.

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Image: BMW

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