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First Emissions Free M Car Headlines BMW’s Fully Electric Aussie Range

It’s an exciting time in EV land when the big automakers announce their latest fully electric models. We’ve been anticipating BMW’s range since their initial leaks, and we finally have a time frame, spec sheet and pricing for their arrival Downunder. The fully electric BMW range is set to arrive in the first quarter of 2022, and in case you need any more seducing, the range-topping i4 in ‘M50’ spec sports a whopping 400kW and 795Nm electric powertrain with an 80.0 kWh battery good for 500km.

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The First Emissions-free BMW M Car

The first locally emissions-free BMW M model will headline the all-new BMW i4 line-up in Q1, 2022. There are two variants on offer – BMW i4 M50 and BMW i4 eDrive40. The M50 performance model adopts an electric motor at the front axle and another at the rear to deliver a system output of 400kW a range of 510 kilometres in the WLTP cycle. The BMW i4 eDrive40 will join the local line-up and combine a 250kW electric motor with a traditional rear-wheel-drive configuration. Its maximum range as per the WLTP cycle is 590 kilometres.

BMW’s experience in the development of extremely sporty premium cars imbues the BMW i4 with dynamic driving abilities far beyond the rapid straight-line acceleration typical of a powerful electric car. With spirited driving in mind, the centre of gravity is up to 53 millimetres lower than that of the BMW 3 Series Sedan. There’s even weight distribution, a torsionally stiff and weight-minimised body plus a long wheelbase and wide tracks. Most notable is the efficient drive system with an intelligent lightweight design enabling both sharp dynamics and long-range without the need for disproportionately large and heavy batteries.

Near-actuator wheel slip limitation optimises traction and each wheel and provides directional stability in all road and weather conditions. It’s slated to be an extremely fast-acting and precise system and comes as a standard kit on the BMW i4, teaming up with an electric all-wheel drive for the first time. The combo should give the BMW i4 M50 dynamic poise during bursts of speed.

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BMW i4 Lineup – Important Facts

  • All-new fully electric BMW i4 models to land in Australia in Q1, 2022.
  • M50 tops range with 400kW and 795Nm electric powertrain.
  • Represents the first BMW M model with a locally emissions-free drive system.
  • M model achieves 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds while offering 510 kilometres of WLTP range.
  • 2022 line-up also includes i4 eDrive40 model with 250kW, 430kW and 590km WLTP range.
  • Customers can reserve their new BMW i4 well ahead of vehicle arrivals below.

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The First-Ever BMW iX

Before we get our greasy mitts on the i4 in Q1 of 2022, we’ll have the chance to experience the iX SUV which showcases BMW’s new generation technology, connectivity, design language and fully electric capabilities. Arriving in Australia later this year there’s a total of two models an

d three variants – xDrive40, iX xDrive40 Sport and iX xDrive50 Sport. Each offers extensive standard specification items from luxury to safety, technology and convenience expected from the brand.

The latest battery cell technology results in WLTP-calculated ranges of up to 630 kilometres in the iX xDrive50 and up to 425 kilometres in the iX xDrive40. The naming conventions will take some getting used to, as will the looks, however, the power systems at the heart of the iX models are so advanced they’re sure to push the boundaries for the next generation of EV. Delivering abundant power with a combined output of 240kW in the iX xDrive40 and 385kW in the iX xDrive50.

Finally, the brand has teased an M-model for the iX lineup. Due at a later date is the powerhouse BMW iX M60, which will produce maximum output in excess of 440 kW and deliver an exceptionally
sporty all-electric driving experience.

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Image: BMW

BMW iX Lineup – Important Facts

  • xDrive40: 240kW combined, 630Nm torque and 425km range from 77kWh battery.
  • xDrive50: 385kW combined, 765Nm torque and 630km range from 112kWh battery
  • Flexible charging up to 200kW (DC) on xDrive50 and 150kW (DC) on xDrive40.
  • Up-to 150 kilometres range added in 10 minutes on xDrive50.
  • Vehicle components and battery cells manufactured using green power across the board; electric drive system avoids the use of rare earth materials.
  • Priced from AU$135,900 for iX xDrive40, xDrive50 Sport from AU$169,900.

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Bmw ix front inteior

Image: BMW

Environmental Impact

When it comes to electric vehicles, transparency is the best form of flattery. What’s a good EV without the environmental impacts taken well into consideration? Thankfully, BMW has done just that. The BMW iX will be produced at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing where both the vehicle itself and the battery cells will be manufactured using green power across the board. Not only that, but the brand procures cobalt and lithium for the batteries from controlled sources in Australia and Morocco.

The company sources aluminium produced using power from solar energy plants, and a high proportion of secondary aluminium and reused plastic contribute to the resource-efficient production of the BMW iX. Its interior uses leather tanned with olive leaf extracts and recycled fishing nets for the floor coverings and mats.

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Bmw i4 front interior

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