Bollinger B2 Pickup Goes Green

The Bollinger B2 Pickup, according to Bollinger Motors Founder Robert Bollinger, takes everything the company learned from building their Jeep-like truck the B1 and heads down a greener path. The B2 will be an all-electric pickup truck. Built on the same powertrain as the B1, the B2 will have a dual motor powertrain and all-wheel drive.

The electric motors will be powered by a 120 kWh battery pack, which can be recharged in 20 hours at 220 volts, or 75 minutes using a DC fast charger. The truck will have an estimated 200-mile range on a full charge.

bollinger pickup with cut trees at the back

Much like the B1, the B2 will have a bed that is 4’ 1” wide by 5’ 9” long. According to Bollinger, with the internal cab tailgate down, you can carry full sheets of plywood—open the rear glass and you can fit up to 72 sheets of 4’ x 8” half-inch plywood. It will also have a large front trunk space as well as Pass-through doors that allow you to transport items up to 16’ 4” long with the lift gates open. There’s enough space to haul 24 2X4s.

top view bollinger pickup

The B2 is a class 3 work truck, meaning it has a 10,001 gross vehicle weight rating with a hauling capacity of 5,000 pounds. All that weight needs a hefty suspension, which the B2 takes care of with a self-levelling, four-wheel independent fluid-based suspension. The suspension can be raised to have a 20-inch ground clearance.

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