The Brabus 900 G-Wagen is a Beast

The Brabus 900 G-Wagen is a Beast
October 2, 2017 Jacob Osborn

The Brabus 900 G-Wagen is a Beast

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Germany’s Brabus has converted a formidable off-roader into the undefeated champion of a post-apocalyptic demolition derby. Built using the Mercedes-AMG G 65 SUV as its base, the new limited edition Brabus G-Wagen is a muscle-bound behemoth with carbon fibre skin, a 900 horsepower roar and the ability to run from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds flat. Indeed, it’s the kind of vehicle you’d pull over for if you saw one charging in the rearview. Only 10 editions are available and thank heavens for that since there’s probably not enough room on the planet for one more.

To accommodate such herculean strength, the mad scientists at Brabus made a slew of substantial touch ups. They increased the V12 engine from 6 litres to 6.3 litres while upgrading the cylinder bores, forged pistons, turbochargers, intake and exhaust system. On the outside, a wider body with spartan 23 inch wheels helps ensure all that speed and horsepower won’t send the vehicle tumbling like some alpha male lion high on PCP. Brabus is also claiming that the 900 G-Wagen’s aluminium cross-drilled 16.2″ front brakes are the largest ever for an SUV.

While the Brabus 900 G-Wagen might rock a menacing exterior, it’s a pure dreamboat within. The interior is completely decked out in quilted leather and premium upholstery. A state of the art entertainment system guarantees hours of endless leisure as you coast through any terrain. Consider it an oasis of calm while the vehicle wrecks havoc outside. Brabus’ latest monster is priced at $800,000 USD and worth every penny.

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