Brabus Preps for Monaco with the 800 GT4

With the Top Marques Monaco 2019 exhibit coming just around the corner, Brabus is preparing its own exhibit that will surely bowl over automotive fans. For over 40 years, Brabus has been helping Mercedes-Benz vehicles achieve their true potential with “Six Star Restoration” of older models and modifications to new cars that exceed state of the art.

Brabus 800 GT4 front

For Monaco, Brabus is turning a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ into the 800 GT4. Brabus starts with giving the 800 a wider stance. The body adds on a bit of size, making the car appear more aggressive. Brabus also adds in their Monoblcok Z “Platinum Edition” wheels (21 inches in the front and 22 inches in the back). The reprogrammed suspension is lowered 25mm. Extra bodywork in bare carbon fibre adds more stability—in addition to a stylish new look.

Brabus 800 GT4 back view

For the tuning portion of the build, Brabus pumps up the GT 63 S four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine to a mean 800 horsepower—hence the “800” designation—with the Brabus PowerXtra B40S-800 performance upgrade. That boost represents a 158 horsepower improvement over the original stats. Peak torque also gets a boost, pushing it up to 737 lb-ft at peak torque. All that extra power propels the 800 from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds. The addition of two Brabus high-performance turbochargers with a larger compressor unit increase the maximum boost pressure to 1.6 BAR. The engine is electronically topped out at 196 miles per hour. The exhaust system also gets an upgrade with stainless steel and the option of two modes—the quite “Coming Home” and the more thunderous “Sport” mode.

Brabus 800 GT4 custom build

In terms of looks and performance, Brabus is more than ready for Monaco with their 800 GT4. The big question is if you’re ready for what Brabus can do. If so, be prepared to pay out £130,000.

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brabus gt logo in front

Brabus 800 GT4 wheel

Brabus 800 GT4