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This Insane Wildcat EV Concept Ain’t Your Grandaddy’s Buick

Why is it that the coolest concepts never seem to be planned for production? Take the new Buick Wildcat EV Concept for example. Buick openly admits that the Wildcat is a “design study,” and as such will never become a production model car. That’s a shame because the low, wide, fastback coupe is a sexy beast. Still, if this concept is any indication of what the future holds for Buick, then the future looks good.

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Buick wildcat ev concept 3

Buick’s Wildcat EV dashboard | Image: Buick

As a matter of fact, the Wildcat is an indication of the future for Buick—though not necessarily in terms of style. The heritage automaker is making a big push towards innovation, eager to drop the ‘old man’ moniker of the past. While the marque has a stable of great releases under its belt, including the stunning Riviera, the past few decades have seen Buick drop off the pace, leaning more heavily into the oversized SUV market. The Wildcat EV Concept throws that notion to the wayside, confirming recently released plans to transition to solely electric vehicles by 2030.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, however, these EVs are all slotted to be SUVs, so it makes you wonder why do a “design study” of a coupe? For that matter, the Wildcat wasn’t designed to accommodate GM’s Ultium battery pack, much less any other battery pack. According to Sharon Gauci, the executive director of global Buick-GMC design, the purpose of this study was to give designers some direction for future production vehicles.

Buick Wildcat EV Concept | Image: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Concept | Image: Buick

One of the cues that you’ll notice in the Wildcat’s design is the inclusion of a more traditional grille. Most EVs have opted to remove that traditional look, so it’s refreshing to see a stylish car like the Wildcat keep that touch. And where many other EVs are more straight lines and flat panels, the Wildcat keeps a more rounded appearance, keeping the vehicle looking elegant and sensuous. In addition to the updated looks on the outside, the Buick logo also gets a makeover for the Wildcat. The familiar family crests are freed of the circle that once confined them.

In addition to the exterior, designers also updated the interior. Using a mood ring as inspiration, the designers of the Wildcat envision the vehicle using biometrics to monitor your feelings and vital signs. Then, using the data, the Wildcat will use features like aroma therapy and seat massage to keep road rage at bay. The interior also sports the nearly ubiquitous flat-bottom steering wheel and the curved screen used for the instrument panel that we’ve already seen in the Cadillac Escalade. It’s a shame that we won’t see the Wildcat EV concept go into production, but at least we have the hope that we will see bits and pieces and at least its influence on future Buicks.

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Buick Wildcat EV Concept | Image: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Concept | Image: Buick

Buick wildcat ev concept 2

Buick’s Wildcat EV interior | Image: Buick