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Cadillac InnerSpace: Autonomous Luxury Vehicle Revealed

Cadillac has always been a status-symbol brand. In the past, if you owned a Cadillac you viewed as part of the elite crowd. Well now, Cadillac is looking to extend that tradition into the future. The recent announcement of the new InnerSpace autonomous, electric vehicle has set the bar high for the luxury automobile market.

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The Cadillac InnerSpace is a luxury coupe with an electric drivetrain that lets you sit back in the loveseat that replaced the driver and passenger seats and watch on the giant LED screen that replaced the steering wheel as the car drives itself. The canopy roof opens up for easier access and the bench is split so that it can rotate outward for easier entry. The car is part of Cadillac’s Halo Concept Portfolio, which also includes a van-like option and a single-seater electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVOTL) aircraft concept.

“Electrification and autonomous driving will fundamentally change the role of vehicles and the experiences customers have with them. We’re exploring where that will go with these innovative concepts, envisioning mobility as an ally of wellness, giving customers the ultimate luxury, more personal time,” says GM’s executive director of Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio, Bryan Nesbitt.

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InnerSpace will have to dwell in your mind’s “innerspace” for now as it isn’t destined for production any time soon. Cadillac is, however, preparing to launch the Ultra Cruise driving system, which is partially automated, and will be featured in their electric Celestiq sedan (slated for release in 2023). The Ultra Cruise system will handle driving from “door to door.” Cadillac currently has the Super Cruise system, which is available on several models including the Escalade. While it’s not fully autonomous, Super Cruise can keep your vehicle in its lane for over 200,000 miles of highways and can also change lanes with just a voice command.

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Cadillac innerspace lifestyle

Image: Cadillac

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