Charge Electric Mustang Changes the Muscle Car World

The Mustang redefined the muscle car when it was first introduced, and it’s poised to do it once again thanks to London-based startup Charge. Charge will be delivering 499 all-electric resto-mods of the 1960’s Fastback and Convertible Mustangs.

headlight mustang front side

Charge has partnered with Arrival, a company known for producing electric trucks for Royal Mail, UPS, Roborace, and Michelin. With the help of engineers who previously worked for Williams F1, McLaren Automotive, and Jaguar Land Rover, Charge will be converting these Mustangs to electric vehicles, akin to the work done on the all-electric version of the Jaguar E-type.

The Mustangs will have a 64kWh battery pack, which has a projected range of 125 miles, and a DC fast-charging system that can support a 50 kW charge rate. The engine will be a 300 kW electric motor that is capable of 7,500 Nm of wheel torque and 1,200 Nm of motor torque—that translates into a 0 to 60 in just 3.09 seconds. The car can be configured to either a rear-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive.

power electronic cable connector

There may be some angst among purists on the idea of converting a gas-powered muscle car to an electric, but you can’t argue the performance. That 0 to 60 time matches the same of the modified Ferrari Portofino. You may not have the heady exhaust fumes, but you will have the tire burnout you’re looking for.

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