Chris Runge Releases Another Masterpiece, the RS

Automotive Artist Chris Runge puts together cars that are rightfully labeled as masterpieces—and he does it all by hand. The cars that Runge creates are inspired by the small, light race cars of the 1950s, but styling cues come from more modern cars as well. His latest creation, the RS, blends the styles of the Porsche Spyder, Maserati, and Ferrari. The body of the RS can only be described as curvaceous with a flow that leads directly to a fully functional duct and louver work.

The car is a two-seater and has a mid-engine design. Powered by a four-cylinder power plant, the RS uses a steel ladder tube frame to create its shape. The engine is a newly built air-cooled “flat four” cylinder engine with 159 horsepower. That engine is joined to a four-speed “longbox” transaxle. The cockpit is completely trimmed in leather and contrasts smartly with the polished aluminum body. When this car passes you, it will look like a streak of light.

runge vehicle top view

Runge offers a few options as well, including a qualifier tank, Singleman Tonneau cover and windscreen, and a removable canopy. You can also outfit the car with vintage and period correct mechanical components.

runge rs compartment

The Runge RS may be a fully functional car, but it’s also a piece of art. The debate is whether it should be on the museum floor, or on the open highway.

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