Classic Car Studio Imbues New Life in a 1986 Chevrolet Silverado

Classic Car Studio’s 1986 Chevrolet Silverado restoration may not look like an actual restoration. That’s because the distressed and weathered appearance of the truck makes it look as if no work has been done on it. But don’t be fooled; the vintage look and feel of the truck was intentional. The looks of the truck, fortunately, are the only thing vintage about this classic.

chevrolet silverado

If you’re looking for new and powerful, you need look no further than the supercharged LT4 engine Classic Car Studio put in it. The engine is capable of 640 horsepower. The truck also received a new frame, new Recaro seats, custom roll bars, and five point harnesses. The interior was completely rehauled. The suspension was updated with a Ridetech suspension. HRE performance wheels, stopped with Wildwood brakes, combine function and form, while the whole truck has been lowered to add to its street performance potential.

steering wheel chevrolet silverado

The St. Louis based Classic Car Studio has a long track record of incredible builds that do more than look good. They also outperform anything else on the road. It’s no wonder they’re the subject of a Velocity TV show, Speed Is the New Black.

Check it out

chevrolet 1986 chair view

engine view chevrolet silverado

back view silverado

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