Classic Youngtimers Takes a Lamborghini Gallardo Off Road

High-end automakers have been adding off road capable vehicles to their lineups over the past years, but that hasn’t been good enough for some customizers, and we’ve been seeing a few hypercars getting customized into offroaders as well. Classic Youngtimers is one such customizers. The Netherlands-based team took a Lamborghini Gallardo and turned it into a battlefield ready racer.

lamborghini offroad front

The Lamborghini Gallardo was first released in 2003 and was manufactured through 2013. Lamborghini installed a 5.0L V10 engine in the Gallardo, giving the car 493 horsepower. A six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed E-Gear electrohydraulic manual transmission with paddles on the steering column for shifting were offered for this hypercar. The E-Gear transmission allowed drivers to shift more quickly, but it also has the capability of being switched to automatic mode as well.

Classic Youngtimers took the latter transmission—the E-Gear—for their creation. To turn it off-road capable, Classic Youngtimers had to modify the Gallardo quite a bit. The car was given a lift to provide more ground clearance and fender flares were added to cover the off road tires. The front received a pair of rally lights and an LED light bar was added to the roof, along with a rack for your gear as well as the spare tire. The listing doesn’t specify whether this is an four wheel drive or a rear wheel drive, though for off roading, it’s hopefully engaging all four wheels. Classic Youngtimers finished the Gallardo off in a matte grey and black wheels.

lamborghini offroad back

Just taking in the looks of this custom job makes you think that the Gallardo’s destiny was to be an off road vehicle from the very start. It has an aggressive stance and look that makes it look like it is ready to take on any Baja racer out there. Of course, at $127,000, you might be tempted to not take this beast version of the Gallardo off the beaten path, but it still looks like it can handle it.

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