Continental Pairs with Genesis for 3D Gauge Display

Continental is teaming up with Genesis on the auto maker’s first production SUV, the GV80, to offer a new 3D Gauge Display. This marks the first time that Continental will be making the display available in a production vehicle.

“With our volume-production display featuring autostereoscopic 3D technology, we are raising human-machine interaction to a whole new level and laying the foundations for intuitive communication in the connected cockpit of tomorrow,” says Continental’s head of the HMI department, Frank Rabe. “To ensure that this gain in safety and comfort does not come at the expense of a lean electronics architecture, we integrated various displays in the centre console or dashboard into our Cross Domain Hub.”

The display uses parallax barriers, or slanted blinders, that divide the image up into two different and slightly offset images. Your eyes see the two images and combine them into one, three-dimensional image without the need of wearing 3D glasses. The gauge uses an interior camera that detects your line of sight to precisely adjust the gauges for you. The system will also throw up warnings of oncoming situations, like stop signs or pedestrians. It also makes sure that you’re not distracted by the cluster, as well as watching for fatigue.

Continental is also working to combine all the gauges and info screens into one cluster for the driver. Designed to work with Continental’s Cross Domain Hub infotainment computer, the display will also be able to move content across multiple in-car displays so that the driver can share that content with passengers. A version is being developed for passengers as well to enhance future entertainment options. Continental is working with Silicon Valley-based Leia Inc. to develop the display. For future versions, Continental is hoping to be able to do away with the internal camera.

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