The Crossout Nissan GT-R is a Hard-Core Zombie Fighting Machine

If you want to be prepared for the Zombie apocalypse, then you need the Crossout Nissan GT-R. Created by London-based Yasid Design, this concept rendering was inspired by the Crossout video game, in which users build their very own car from a bunch of individual parts. Then, they test their creation in a battle that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

The designer used a Nissan GT-R as a base, which makes sense as this car is known for its extreme performance and power thanks to a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V6, which is capable of producing 565 horsepower.

This science-fiction concept rendered by Yasid design is extreme thanks to roof-mounted machine guns and paired down bodywork. There are also hardpoints that can be used to attach massively sized weaponry. These features would make it a hell of a zombie killing machine.

The hood was ripped off to reveal the engine bay. Other features include a roll cage, modified rear fender, chunky exhausts and raised rear bumper. There is a spare tire mounted to the back, which makes the rendering look like something out of Mad Max.

There is a Crossout logo on the side of the car. Controls for the dual machine guns are mounted on the steering wheel making it easy for the driver to control them—and drive at the same time. The interior is outfitted with new, more aggressive-looking seats. One thing is for certain about this vehicle—we certainly wouldn’t want to find ourselves in its path.

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