Earthcruiser EXP is an Explorer’s Dream Come True for a Vehicle That Isn’t Exactly an RV

We have all seen recreational vehicles, also known as RVs. These campers are often large tour bus-sized vehicles that have to be parked at an RV park or campsite, but the Earthcruiser EXP is something a bit different altogether. Think exploration of territory that most RVs would find unreachable or impractical. The Earthcruiser can go there.

inside look earthcruiser truck

It almost looks like a cargo truck for the moon. Its Mitsubishi Fuso chassis is infused with modern features, survival functionality for any type of environment and a rugged design for exploring the most unforgiving terrain. With solar power and water purification onboard, you can truly be prepared for whatever nature can throw at you. It has comfortable living quarters like that of a modern luxury style RV too.

Other options can include the following:

  • Microwave Oven (recessed into the ceiling)
  • DC air conditioner
  • Composting toilet
  • Lithium house battery system
  • Additional solar panels (flush mounted to the roof)
  • Front and rear recovery winch
  • Premium drivers and passenger seats
  • Onboard air system

Check it out

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