Fast Times with Rain Prisk’s Dodge Demon Shooting Brake Concept

Soccer mums rejoice—the station wagon is getting a sporty makeover. Actually, it’s more a resurrection of an older style that never should have gone out of production to begin with. Shooting brakes—a combination between sports cars and the family wagon—are seeing a resurgence. For a long time they were a part of European automotive culture, and recently manufacturers like Aston Martin and Ferrari have taken to producing these cars again.

Now Rain Prisk, a junior vehicle artist at Ubisoft Reflections Studio, shows us what it might be like if Dodge jumped on the wagon—excuse the pun—and produced a shooting brake for the American audience.

The new Rain Prisk Dodge Demon Shooting Brake Concept takes the Demon and mates it with the wagon concept. The fenders are widened out in order to cover larger tires. The roofline is also stretched to cover the hatchback.

This may only be a rendering, but maybe it will be enough to convince Dodge to bring back the Demon. Production of the muscle car stopped earlier this year, and only 3,300 models were produced. Chances are no doubt slim, but kids might get to practice a little faster if Dodge did produce this shooting brake.

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