Fisker’s Next Promise is an All-Electric SUV

One of the biggest challenges that the electric vehicle industry faces is pricing. Very few options on the market don’t automatically price out the average family. Fisker announced a new all-electric SUV that will be priced below USD$40,000, making electric vehicles a possibility for the masses.

The SUV has a surprisingly attractive design. Often in the quest of affordability, looks are sacrificed, but the Fisker SUV has a masculine and compelling design. The SUV has a wide appearance, with a high-mounted radar system under a glass panel in the front where the grilles for most cars would be.

That system is flanked by LED headlights above curved fog lights. The SUV will also have a push-button retractable roof. Power for the SUV will come from an enhanced 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Fisker is promising a standard range of 300 miles, though the company has also announced the Fisker Solid-State Battery, which the company claims will: “Provide more than 500 miles or range with a single, quick charge.” It’s possible that a battery swap could be in the future in order to increase the car’s range.

A drivable prototype is expected to be finished later in 2019, after which production is slated to take place in the U.S. before starting direct-to-consumer sales.

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