FJ Company and Todd Snyder Stylize a Land Cruiser

You know when the FJ Company teams up with New York men’s fashion designer Todd Snyder, you’re going to end up with a Land Cruiser that is pretty styling. The Todd Snyder Edition G43 is exactly that. Loaded with everything you need to have the ultimate vintage 4X4 experience, any urban driver would be proud to drive this beauty on the busy streets of a concrete jungle or down the paths of a verdant jungle.

Todd Snyder Land Cruiser headlight

The Snyder takes full advantage of the classic and rugged good looks of the original Land Cruiser. But that doesn’t mean that it all stays original. The FJ Company spends inordinate amounts of time restoring and rebuilding the Land Cruiser’s authentic steel body, setting it all on a 1970 to 1983 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser chassis. They also offer a custom soft top and an optional hard top. Todd Snyder also has input in the color combinations, perfectly matching the interior options with the custom color paint job.

FJ x Todd Snyder Land Cruiser dashboard and steering wheel

Underneath all those good looks, you’ll find a modern engine with plenty of power. FJ Company installs a new Toyota 1GRE-FE 4.0-liter V6 engine that produces 228 horsepower. The engine is mated with a Toyota 5-speed manual transmission. The suspension and brakes are also upgraded, and you’ll appreciate the upgraded power steering as well. On the dash, you’ll find all the info you need on the digital dashboard. There’s also a back-up camera, and the sound system will rock out your favorite music.

Todd Snyder Land Cruiser

If you’re curious about exactly what Todd Snyder was able to come up with for the limited edition Land Cruiser, you can spend hours checking out all the combinations in the online builder. And when you’re ready, it’s a simple matter to send your wish list of options on to FJ Company to get things started.

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Todd Snyder Land back view

FJ x Todd Snyder Land Cruiser

Todd Snyder Land vehicle