Old Meets New in FJ Company’s Custom Sport Land Cruiser

Vintage cars have now become the vehicles many of us remember from our childhoods. The boxy, heavy trucks, SUVs and sedans from the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s that got horrible petrol mileage were tough as tanks and conjure a bit of nostalgia with every trip. In fact, this niche car market has become so popular recently that companies like FJ Company, who have started refurbishing and selling Toyota FJ40’s, have begun popping up, selling these 30 to 40 year old vehicles as if they were new.

land cruiser side view

And if it’s an FJ Sport you are looking for, this is the place to go, unless you can get really lucky and find a reliable private seller online—though you’re definitely risking mechanical issues or cosmetic defects. FJ Company sells a range of FJ Sports, which are Land Cruiser sports utility vehicle models manufactured by Toyota between 1976 and 1983. However, in the refurbishing their engines have been upgraded to a powerful 210 horsepower one, there’s electronic fuel injection, 5 speed manual transmission and front disc, anti-lock brakes, which are much safer than the old fashioned ones. There’s also upgraded safety features like seat belts (how modern!) and seats, and a choice of 18 colours of paint.

seats of land cruiser

However, just about everything else on these FJ Sports is vintage, from the old fashioned radio dial to the AC and heater on the inside, to the original headlights, bumper, and mirrors on the outside. So you’re going back in time, in a way, with all the perks of today.

Check it out

gear of land cruiser

engine of land cruiser

window of land cruiser

land cruiser headlights

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