Flyer 60 Delivers Death on Wheels

When winning a war is your deliverable, you need a delivery vehicle like the General Dynamics Flyer 60 Lightweight Tactical Vehicle. The Flyer 60 will take you right to your enemy’s doorstep, no matter where they are located.

Sometimes good strategy calls for heavy-duty machinery like tanks. But getting those vehicles to hot zones can be difficult. Sometimes you need a deployable vehicle that can be dropped off at a moment’s notice, but still have all the capability of their bigger siblings. The Flyer 60 meets that bill. The Flyer 60 can be internally transported in the V-22, CH-47, C-130, and c-17, and externally transported in the UH-60L aircraft. When you get to the LZ, the Flyer 60 will be ready to go. With a top speed of 70 mph and a range of 425 miles, the Flyer 60 will get you to your mission objectives quickly. And safely as well. The Flyer 60 is engineered to accept varying levels of armor as well as fire power.

flyer 60 lightweight tactical vehicle

The Flyer 60 is capable of climbing gradients up to 60 percent and side slopes of 40 percent. It can also ford water crossings as deep as 30 inches. It can be configured as a rescue and personnel recovery vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle, a light strike armored or unarmored vehicle, a C4ISR, or as a communications vehicle. The Flyer 60 is four wheel drive and seats four.

When you’re coming in hot, you’ll want to be behind the wheel of a Flyer 60.

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