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Ford bronco desert racer 3

Ford Bronco Desert Racer is Baja-Ready V8 Dirt Destroyer

If you’re a subscriber to the notion that more is better, then the new Ford Bronco is right up your alley. After all, it comes with some seven trims, two engine and transmission choices, four different levels of content, and a plethora of customisations options in a catalogue so thick it rivals War and Peace. Well, you can add another option to that list—the Ford Bronco Desert Racer.

Ford bronco desert racer 6

Image: Ford

Ford debuted the new look at their “Bronco Off-Roadeo” customer experience held outside of Las Vegas prior to the SEMA show. The new look came in a livery reminiscent of the 1969 Baja 1000 winning Bronco. For those that are interested in getting into desert racing, the Bronco Desert Racer is said to be a “turn-key racer,” and it comes complete with a factory warranty that you can purchase if you plan on racing it. Of course, to race a rig, you need an engine that’s up to the challenge.

The Desert Racer comes with a 5.0-litre Coyote V8. Ford hasn’t released specifics on the engine, but power output will no doubt be above 400 horsepower. And as it is a desert racer, the Bronco comes with optimized cooling, mostly from its single-piece grille. Additional intakes are on the sides and roof, which send a cooling breeze to the rear-mounted radiator.

Ford bronco desert racer 1

Image: Ford

The Desert Racer comes with a 10-speed automatic and it features electronically locking front and rear differentials. The body is predominately fibreglass, presumably to keep the weight down. The Bronco comes with 50 per cent more suspension travel and has a 47-degree approach angle and a 37-degree departure.

All in all, the Desert Racer is more than just one more option that you can choose from. This is a rig that is ready to run through the desert. Getting your race on will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of a mid-$200,000 range. Ford plans to have the Bronco Desert Racer ready for late 2022 and will be limiting it to just 50 units.

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Ford bronco desert racer

Image: Ford

Ford bronco desert racer 5

Image: Ford

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Image: Ford

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Image: Ford

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