Ford Goes Overlanding with 6 New Ranger Concepts

More mid-size trucks are entering the market because of the growing popularity of overlanding and off-roading. Auto manufacturers are taking notice, and Ford is the latest to put out overlanding concepts of their Ranger pickup.

ford ranger concept car

The bevy of new concepts will be put on show during the 2019 SEMA in November. The first is a custom build by father and son team, Neil and Collin Tjin. While most trucks will feature a lift kit, the Tjin truck has been dropped down eight inches in the front and nine in the rear. The truck rides on an air suspension system and 20-inch Rotiform three-piece wheels. Fender flares and a new grille were also added.

ford concept car

The RTR Rambler Ranger comes with a SkyRise bed tent and an integrated snowboard capsule. Those are great additions for once you’re in camp, but getting there will also be easier thanks to the underbody protection, snorkel, and RTR Tech 6 wheels with 33-inch Nitto Grappler tires. Ford also added in a new off-road suspension with a 2-inch lift in the front. If you’re just worried about getting your gear where you’re going, then the Yakima concept is for you. This truck comes with a bed-mounted rack with a JayLow kayak mount and a HangOver vertical four-bike carrier with a BackSwing mount. There’s also the Ford Performance off-road lift kit plus a few more add-ons.

ford ranger concept car side view

Explorers will be intrigued by the Advanced Accessory Concept, which comes with bumpers, a skid plate, rock sliders, and an aluminum bed tray with a canopy and Tepui Hybox tent. It also comes with a Ford Performance rear differential cover and an Icon 3.5-inch lift kit. Plus, there’s a 50-quart ARB refrigerator in the back.

Ford’s Overlanding Ranger Concepts

For the more eco-conscious, the Hellwig Ranger has a Goal Zero solar power system for when you get to your destination. It comes with an Icon suspension and 3.5-inch lift. Hellwig also added in a Tepui hard-shell tent and a Trail Kitchens slide-out stove.

Ford’s Overlanding Ranger Concepts

The final concept is the Ford Performance Parts Ranger, which comes with—you guessed it—a load of Ford Performance parts. It also comes loaded with a Warn 9.5 XP winch, Tepui HyBox rooftop tent, Decked truck-bed storage system, and an ARB Elements refrigerator.

Ford’s new overlanding concept have you covered—from urban streets to the middle of nowhere. You just need to pick which set of add-ons and accessories you want.