Ford Goes Spectacular with the GT MK II

A lot of great things come out of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and one such item is Ford’s GT MK II. Designed as a track only version of Ford’s GT supercar, the MK II will be limited to only 45 examples, each of which will sell for $1.2 million.

limited edition of ford GT MKII

The MK II is freed from the many regulations imposed by global homologation requirements and by the Le Mans class restrictions, so the engineers were able to take a lot of liberties that they couldn’t before. The MK II keeps the GT twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine with its 700 horsepower. That’s 53 more horsepower than the road car and 200 more than the race car. The engineers also kept the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission from the road car with a few tweaks, such as making the MK II a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The MK II also benefits from a high-capacity air-to-air outboard-mounted intercooler. This new addition uses a water sprayer to improve effectiveness while under high load.

Ford GT MKII top view with both doors are open

Changing up the aesthetics and performance, Ford added a large rear, dual-element wing that produces more downforce than the race car’s wing. The rear diffuser, front splitter, louvered front fenders, and dive planes on the front bumper also contribute to the improved aerodynamics. All told, the MK II can pull more than 2.00 g’s of lateral grip. It’s also 200 pounds lighter than the road car. Part of that weight reduction comes by using five-way adjustable dampers and fixing the ride height. The inside has also been stripped down, further cutting weight.

Ford GT MKII dashboard, steering wheel with seat's upholstery

The MK II had the purpose of discovering what could be done when all those pesky rules and regulations were thrown out the window. Larry Holt, Mulitimatic’s Chief Technical Officer, explained, “The true off-the-hook performance capability fo the GT hasn’t yet been fully showcased. The road car is obviously limited by the many global homologation requirements that it must comply with, and the race car suffers from the restriction of the dreaded Balance of Performance, resulting in it being 150 horsepower down to the road car. The MK II answers the regularly asked question of how would the car perform with all the limitations lifted: the answer is spectacularly.”

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Ford GT MKII side view vehicle