Ford Takes One More Victory Lap with GT ’67 Heritage Edition

The year was 1967. The race was the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Against considerable odds, the winner was a Ford MkIV GT40. It marked the first and only time an American team took home top prize at the legendary race, and apparently the automaker is still celebrating. On the 50th anniversary of their historic win, Ford is resurrecting the original design just in time for Monterey Car Week. That is to say the new Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition will have the tangible guts of a modern GT and the visual glory of their 1967 champion.

ford gt 67 heritage side

Aesthetically speaking, the Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition is pure race car inside and out. On the exterior, a flashy red paint job is joined by white racing strips and “No. 1” and “Ford” decals. 20-inch forged aluminium wheels tout a silver satin finish and hefty black lug nuts. Inside the car you’ll find red seatbelts and red accent stitching on the carbon fibre seats with leather trimmings. The interior also features anodised gray paddle shifters and matte carbon on the door sills and centre console.

seats of ford gt 67 heritage

Underneath the agile coat of armour are the formidable innards of a standard GT. A 3.5-litre V6 engine delivers 647 horsepower, 550 pound-feet of torque, and a top speed of 216 mph. That’s more than enough to leave most standard road fare in the dust. Prepare to go vroom.

Check it out

looking glasses of ford gt 67 heritage

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