Form Meets Function in the MVS Aero X Truck Cap

Form and function are two ideals that are often bandied about when talking about design. Do you want something that looks good, or something that works? Too often, you have to choose between one or the other. Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) has come up with a truck cap that lets you have both form and function. The Aero X truck cap adds a striking element of style while still giving you full access to your truck bed. MVS took inspiration from classic Mustang fastbacks to come up with the cap, taking that final transition of moving trucks from just work vehicles to daily commuters.

aero x truck

Aero X is fully weather proof, which means that your truck bed essentially becomes an enormous, watertight trunk. No more trying to cram in your luggage or having to worry about it getting weight on the drive to the airport. The cap is designed for any 2015 and newer Ford F-150 and is made of fiberglass. There’s an LED interior dome light, and the cap also has a third LED brake light. A gas-strut operated opening system pairs with a key operated lock to give you access to the truck bed, making opening up the back simple and easy. The cap has the added benefit of improving aerodynamics, and the integrated louvers provide sun protection without blocking rear visibility.

back view aero vehicle

Don’t have a Ford F-150? No worries. MVS is working on expanding their production to include GM, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan trucks.

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MVS Aero X Truck Cap