Fully Functional Batmobile Goes up for Sale in Russia

The most tempting part of being Batman has to be all the toys and gear that he has. From Batarangs to grappling hooks, to shark repellant—Batman has a tool for every occasion. He also has the best vehicles. If there’s a type of transport out there, just slap “bat” in front of it and there’s bound to be one in the Batcave.

But the most iconic of those is the Batmobile. Unfortunately, that car has been mostly just on the pages of comic books or on the screen—TV or movie. Lately, though, more and more people are taking to their workshops to create their own versions of the caped crusader’s vehicle. FastBoomPro out of Russia has just unveiled their own fully functional Batmobile, and it’s up for sale on Auto.ru.

functional Batmobile open door

The replica Batmobile is based on the car from the 2016 movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Built to life-size, the Batmobile 2018 comes with the muscle to back up its vigilante driver. A 500 horsepower engine propels the replica, meaning Joker’s going to need a pretty fast getaway car after his next hijinks.

It comes with armoured tinted windows as well as automatic doors and a detachable Formula One performance steering wheel. The hood-mounted machine guns don’t work, but that doesn’t mean the Batmobile doesn’t have a few tricks to employ. It comes equipped with a 255x zoom thermal imaging camera as well as a night vision camera.

functional Batmobile back view

Of course, the Batmobile also plays to Batman’s alternate identity, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne with the comfort and amenities you might expect. The interior is decked out in Alcantara leather and is Bluetooth enabled. There’s also climate control and satellite navigation.

In case you think this is just a showpiece, the makers posted a video on Instagram of the driver paying for a toll at a booth before driving off. Of course, it looked like it was a pretty involved ordeal to pay the toll, but some sacrifices are worth it. The odometer also shows that the Batmobile replica has been driven 75 miles.

If you’re looking for a way to patrol the streets of Gotham, you can head over to Auto.ru. Be prepared to shell out 55 million rubles—about USD$850,000.

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