The Future is Just Around the Corner – Let the Apollo IE Take You There

After months of hard work, sweat, and determination, Apollo Automobil is ready to release their first true hyper-car; the Apollo Intensa Emozinone.

Apollo Automobil was founded in 2004 by a group of designers, engineers, artisans, and mechanics. This diverse group, unified by their love of cars and desire to take the path less traveled, have truly outdone themselves.

black apollo ie car front

The Apollo IE was started from a blank sheet of paper and ended as the purest form of hyper-car. It is lightweight, aerodynamic, intuitive, and unburdened by bulky or excessive technology. More precisely, the IE is a superleggera that couples the efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern race car with the classic thrill and power of a naturally aspirated V12. The first of its kind, the IE seamlessly balances organic feel with piercingly-sleek, modern design.

 apollo ie car open doors

Apollo may best describe their new speed-machine as: “A car with its own soul. A car that provides the drive with modern, yet nostalgically pure, unadulterated sensory experience. A car that is fuel for the senses. A car that lives and breathes intense emotion.”

 apollo ie car top

To maintain the utmost exclusivity, Apollo with only build one sole batch of 10 IEs. Each designed and customized the maximum level of specificity requested by its owner.

Check it out

 apollo ie car lights

 apollo ie car indicator lights

 apollo ie car back

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