The Future Will Be Shipped on Tesla Semis

Tesla’s all electric semi truck will be the standard moving forward. It’s an impressive offering that—forgive the pun—delivers an awesome payload.

tesla semis car side view

Let’s start with the stats. The semi works off of four independent motors on the rear axles. A common complaint about electric motors is their lack of power, but Tesla appears to have cut that complaint off at the pass. The semi can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 20 seconds, and that’s with a full load of 80,000 pounds. Grades won’t be a problem either, with its ability to pull up a 5 percent grade at 65mph. In part, that power comes from its sleek, aerodynamic design that boasts a meager 0.36CD drag coefficient.

tesla semis car steering

As far as energy consumption, the Tesla Semi uses less than 2kWh/mile. Compared to traditional diesel semis, the Tesla will give you a savings of more than $200,000 with a two-year payback period.

The design parts from the traditional as well. Most notably, the driver position is centered in the truck rather than on the right or left. A centered driver position allows for improved visibility by maximizing the driver’s viewing angles. The Semi’s low center of gravity also helps prevent rollovers. Finally, Tesla has equipped the semi with an enhanced autopilot that helps avoid collisions.

If the future is gong to be delivered over the road, then chances are it will be the Tesla Semi doing the driving.

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