Gateway Does it Right with 1972 Bronco Restomod Fuelie

It’s hard to deny the popularity of the Ford Bronco. For the past 60 years, the Bronco has been conquering the wildest terrain out there—including the fickle tastes of off-roading enthusiasts. Part of that continued popularity comes thanks to the incredible work of restoration companies. One of the best in the industry, Gateway Bronco, is putting on display why the Bronco is still on the top of the hill with their 1972 Ford Bronco Restomod Fuelie.

ford bronco front view

Fuelie boasts a “freshly built” 347 stroker with electronic fuel injection. It also has a modern electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission. Gateway added in full power windows as well as Wilwood power brakes with hydra boost. The suspension was also updated with Bilstein shocks. The original was rust-free, so minimal work was needed on the body. A beautiful brick red paint job was added to complement the new, genuine Porsche leather and suede inserts. New carpeting was installed throughout as well.

ford bronco top view

Fuelie also comes with a bikini and a hardtop, but you also get AC for those days when running without a top is out of the question. The roll cage is powder-coated black. A new front bumper was added with a winch. The new back bumper features a cargo rack. Pricing is only available to members, so you’ll have to sign up with Gateway to find out what this pristine Bronco would cost to own, though delivery to anywhere in North America is included.

bronco restmod back view with wheel and extra fuel tank

Seth Burgett runs Gateway Bronco out of Hamel, Illinois. The 60,000-foot factory houses a team of craftsmen that have a special loyalty to Burgett and his vision of restoring Broncos. Many of those workers have relocated their families just so that they could be a part of Burgett’s team. Burgett searches out historic Broncos on the backroads of America, and has come across some pretty incredible barn finds, including the first Bronco to roll out of Ford’s Michigan pilot production plant in 1966.

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ford bronco steering wheel

ford bronco back seat

ford bronco wheel

1972 ford bronco restmod fuelie